Friday, June 11, 2010


My son caught his first frog today. Ethan and Jen were looking for lightening bugs, which are certainly cool, but they ended up with an amphibian, ... which is so much cooler, ... in so many more ways. Not to take anything away from bugs that light up, which is certainly cool too, but catching what you are patently not fishing for seems to loom heavy for this blurb.

I mean, you are searching for a being that lights up at night, which is remarkable, and you instead find a being that doesn't do anything of the sort; you find a being that lives in two different realms of being. The odds are certainly against you, which makes it more cool maybe. The novelty of it, maybe? That you stumble across what you aren't looking for, but find something that is better, ... isn't that something?

In this example of my son's search, he went looking for one thing but found a journey; something that he could hold in his hand, experience, never forget, love on, put back in the water, and then understand/experience why bugs (even lightening bugs) are important too!

So, my question is: What are you looking for, ... the thing that lights up?