Saturday, May 30, 2009


Every once in a while a soul comes through in objectionable ways. We step back, look twice, ... think about how offended we are, then sink into silently standing against that message we are so challenged by.

The offensiveness that we experience, and our defensive posture in response to such, indicates a moment of possible learning, ...of potential for growing and evolution.

These moments, and the people that bring them, are to teach us who we are. They are to challenge how we make sense of our world.

Humor can often disarm our objections long enough that lessons sneak in somehow.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Love Wins by the pound

We watched a movie last night titled "Seven Pounds," and it reminded me of what God's love must be like.  Check it out.

Friday, May 15, 2009

in case of ink-mergency

Do you ever find yourself standing in front of the bathroom mirror at your office/job washing your hands, when you suddenly see an ink-spot on your favorite shirt?  You know, the shirt that seems to garner more compliments than any other shirt you own? The shirt that tends to make it through your starting-five rotation more often than your other, let's say "lesser," shirts? The shirt that makes you feel like Brad Pitt crossed with Barak Obama? The shirt that is made all-the-better by the fact that it is a famous brand-name shirt (with matching cool tie) that you purchased on sale from T.J. Max, which is the place that you normally never find shirts that 1.) you like and 2.) are also actually in your size?

(sorry for the somewhat "creepy" picture here, but you get my point)

Well, here is what to do in such a situation:

1.) curse in hushed tones so few can hear

2.) use wet paper-towels to blot, blot, blot the spot

3.) walk into the office of your co-workers, looking stupidly angry and perplexed, with with your hands out to your side, palms up, and exclaim, "look at this #*%@, ... this is my favorite *%#$&*&%% shirt!"

4.) become more angry and feel more stupid at their seeming lack of care

5.) use this as a reason to go home early, particularly on a Friday    :)

6.) go home, take off said shirt, and stick it in a sink of cold-water

7.) google "get ink out of cotton shirt"

8.) wade through the mostly senseless ideas, but get a feel for what just "might" work 

9.) after deliberation, use a Q-tip to apply fingernail polish remover to stain, and blot, blot, blot the spot away 

10.) smile, file this away as yet another justifiable reason to leave work early (particularly on a Friday), and blog. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

this might not be fair or accurate...

... but it sure is funny, and I'm a Westside "lifer."